Welcome to FeathersMc.com, a site dedicated to Salmon Flies and their materials

Welcome to FeathersMc. It is my retirement hobby and a place dedicated to the materials for and tying Atlantic Salmon flies. I have expanded to include Classic Rangeley Style Trolling Streamers as well as other “Classic” style things. My original greeting indicated the site was still under construction and would probably always be. That is true. I don’t update as often as I used to but that is a result of the expanding materials selection that I have to obtain, sort, dye and package so you can tie these flies. Not to mention the ever increasing demand for my products keeps me busy as well.

The picture appearing to the left are flies tied by some of my friends and should be different whenever you refresh your browser. I am always open to adding your fly pictures to my site as long as they have something to do with “Classic or Impressionistic” Salmon Flies. I used to add new information at the bottom of this page but to make it more convenient for returning friends I will put updates here.


All domestic (United States) orders will be sent via USPS Priority Mail including a tracking # that will be forwarded to you. If you prefer a different carrier please contact me as soon as possible. I try to ship as quickly as I can, usually within 24 hours.

If you are ordering outside the US there is a minimum $10 additional charge that must be added by clicking on the Non-Domestic Order Fee located on the menu bar to the left.


February 2013 The days are getting longer and hopefully Winter will be over soon. On a positive note I have some very nice Blue Eared Pheasant Pelts  Am-Gold Crests are back in stock up to 3 1/4" long. 

November 2012 We've added another new item in Florican Bustard Substitute-Goose Shoulder Also 5 new types of Alcott Tinsel bringing the total to 20 different types or colors.

We (Terry and I) will be at the International Fly Tying Symposium this coming weekend. I hope to see many of my friends as long as there isn't another "Storm of the Century" that could add to the already difficult conditions in New Jersey.

October 2012 WOW! What a summer. Weather played a major role in my fishing in that the North American drought totally screwed it up. I was fortunate enough to get to the Beautiful Miramachi River in New Brunswick unfortunately on the heals of a month long drought only to have it rain from the time we (Dave Kline and I) left until the second day we fished making most Beats unfishable. Couple that with the lack of fish (due to the drought) we basically had a grand time sightseeing. There was the Bear/Lobster episode that made the trip truly memorable. More about Dave, Luc, Dan, Marc, Lloyd, Bobby and Leonard and the Upper Oxbow Lodge soon.

I do have some wonderful new Alcott Tinsel available I was afraid we would never see again. Along with my new sideline hobby of raising exotic "Tank Lobsters" (White, Hot Red and Blue color variations) we are raising Silk Worms as it is the only sure method of getting useable gut for our Twisted Gut  


The materials I have for sale are listed under Feathers, Body Materials and Tools & Miscellaneous on the menu to the left. That is where you will find the best selection of quality materials for tying Salmon Flies available anywhere and at very reasonable prices. I also try and give as much information as to material relationship to hook size as I can. If there is something you are looking for and I don't list it or indicate I'm temporarily out of stock on something (there will be no shopping cart available) please contact me at John@Feathersmc.com

I also feel the need to apologize for my inability to keep up with email correspondence. I spend most of my time working on materials or packing orders. I try to do the best I can in writing back but sometimes I don't even see some. I get a tremendous amount of spam and my 2 filters sort out the vast majority, but from time to time, get rid of some they shouldn't. My biggest problem is that I never learned to type. I am painfully slow and it takes me a half an hour to respond to a simple question. The best method I have for communicating is the telephone. If you have a question relative to fly tying or materials feel free to call 248-432-1568. This is a home based operation so I am usually around. I am in the Eastern Time Zone. Please don't call before 10 AM or after 10 PM. I have a Vonage line that allows me to call most places in Europe and North America free. If it costs you too much to call me you can drop me an email John@FeathersMc.com with your question and include your phone number (including country code for European or UK) and I'll try and call you back.   If you are calling to sell me something other than feathers, you are not going to believe how rude I can be. 

There are several Slide Shows available in the MATERIALS SHOWCASE section to the left. There are 2 pages of titles and they each have number a pictures in them and will take a little while to load. If you have a cable or DSL modem it will take a few seconds or so but a telephone modem download could be several minutes. Whether it will be worth the wait or not is entirely up to you.

The pictures were for the most part supplied by Wayne Luallen. Not only was Wayne “The Johnny Appleseed of Salmon Fly Tying” [spreading the gospel far and wide so to speak] he was the lightening rod for many Salmon Fly Tyers work during the 1980’s and 90’s in the US. This occurred pre-internet and before digital cameras [we remember them as “The Old Days”. As a result his collection of Salmon Fly pictures (color prints) is second to none and he has shared it with us. My wife, Linneya, is in the process of scanning all the old pictures and creating an album for each tyer. Each show will start and move automatically but there are controls at the bottom of the screen that enable you to jump around or stop on one to examine it closely. If you simply move the cursor onto the picture a small dropdown box appears giving any information that had been written on the back of the photo such as the size, pattern and year tied.

The pictures in Exotic Materials Test Slideshow were for the most part taken by me over the last several years. Some of the things remain in my possession while others have simply stopped here briefly while on their way to someone else. Some of the pictures were taken by friends of things in their collections. They were sized for the old slideshow format and have been enlarged slightly by the new system. I will be revamping it entirely in the near future.

EDUCATION on the menu contains Links as well as articles. Articles were written by my friends or myself. Hopefully they are of interest to the Salmon tyer or those inclined do it yourself. I've broken them down in to two categories  How To  and Information. There are several articles called Flies In Stages where Friends have photographed flies in the various stages of construction.

The FRIENDS section continues to grow and offers an interesting array of People and either the things they sell, their own web sites or pictures of their Salmon Flies for you to see.

KORI BUSTARD offers some exceptional pictures of the birds and directs you to very interesting information about them. There is a pilot program in the works to allow any U.S. fly tyer FREE KORI BUSTARD simply by requesting it.