Tying The Gordon by Cameron Derbyshire

Cameron Derbyshire, a young man attending School in New York, has given us a masterpiece on tying salmon flies. He simply calls it his Gordon submission. It was originally done for a class he taught at Creekside Fly Shop in Salem Oregon. All I can say is I'm humbled by his gesture. Anything I've done to date pales in comparison.

You will need Adobe Acrobat to see it. You can obtain it free by clicking on Acrobat It's 66 pages in length . It will take a little time to load but worth reading and re-reading.

Cameron has included his email address if you have any questions, comments or ideas concerning his handout. I would write to him to say thanks. derbyshc@hotmail.com

Click on Saturday Tying Class to see his work. You won't be disappointed. Cameron has submitted another wonderful work he calls A Spey & Dee Fly Tutorial